My mind has been filled with so many things as of late that I want to say to so many of you at CrossFit Huntington

Those of you who know me well, know how much family means to me.  I have been blessed to have a very large and loving family who supports one another in so many ways.  These past ten months have reinforced to me so many times my belief in importance of this.

Working out and seeing what a positive impact it has had on my life has led me to develop a passion for wanting to help others realize the same successes.  I have had a dream for a long time of being able to one day have this opportunity.  Last fall this chance was given to me.  At first it wasn't as easy a decision as you may think for me to accept.  

Although it was my dream to eventually be able to do what I was so passionate about, there were a lot of changes that would take place as a result that may have a large impact on some people very close to me, including my family.  I knew my husband would support me with whatever I wanted to do and  I knew in my heart that I wholeheartedly needed that support.  Our two kids were now teenagers who were constantly busy with their own lives but I knew this decision would impact their lives as well.  I'll never forget when we decided to tell our kids we were thinking doing this the first question and only one I recall was "does this mean your going to quit your other jobs?"  Otherwise they were in full support.  

To this day I have been able to see how much bigger of a positive influence my dream has had on all of them.  I never imagined walking in to this that there would be evenings that I would look around the box and see every one of them there; not because they have to be, but because they want to be. Seeing this helps me know I made the right decision.

I also am fortunate enough to see so many others experiencing the same feelings I do.  I see families all around me every time I am at CrossFit Huntington.  Some are related to one another, but many are just CFH "families" together, sharing the same passion that I do for getting healthier and more fit.  I see lifelong friendships developing.  I see a community emerging all around me of people who have that passion.  This makes me smile.  I know I made the right decision.  I have been given an opportunity so much bigger than I had ever imagined.

I want each of you to know how proud I am of you; 

for having a goal and sticking with it;

for not being afraid to try;

for taking that first step;

for putting your all into making changes in yourself that will impact you for the rest of your life;

for cheering your "family" 

and for being so supportive and encouraging towards one another,

never letting each other give up or quit.  

Take what you are learning now with you throughout your life and you will always be successful.

To my family, coaches, partners and members, I promise you that each of you has such a special place in my heart.  Without all of you, my dream would have never become this reality. Never give up on your own dreams and always do what makes you happy!

Love to you all.

Coach Amy

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